HKTT supports all engineers looking for workin China and Hong Kong.
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To prospective employers

Service Guide

HKTT is a comprehensive HR services company specializing in recruitment for engineering positions in China and Hong Kong.
We deliver personalized, high-quality and high-speed services based on service contracts to Japanese firms with locally incorporated companies or factories.
We offer the ideal solution for Japanese companies moving into the Chinese market who are struggling to find suitable personnel.

STEP1 Whether you are looking to move part of your design operations to China, searching for qualified technical instructors or hoping to enhance your quality control division to curb an increase in defective products, our professional consultants can help you find the right people for the job.STEP2 A services contract is drawn up and concluded between HKTT and your company.STEP3 From our company’s extensive personnel resources, we select the ideal candidate to match your specific business endeavor and project time frame.STEP4 Meeting to discuss position, visit to the place of work. We then hold an initial meeting to discuss the position with the key candidate from our personnel pool who will be leading the project or services specified in the contract and show him round his new place of work.STEP5 After undergoing initial training at HKTT, the new recruit begins his position at your company as leader for the contracted services.STEP6 Once we have recruited the leader, we then select candidates to make up the rest of the team.STEP7 Prospective team members are interviewed by the team leader, or relevant person from your company.STEP8 We continue to follow up even after our recruits have begun their positions.To help create an easy working environment, we carry out regular checks regarding their mental well being.We also employ a personnel evaluation system to ensure that all employees are fully and actively engaged with their work.
HKTT provides support tailor-made to the needs of Japanese firms with locally incorporated companies or factories.
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